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U16 Boys S&C Program

Here is the S&C program we are following for 12 weeks from 15th March.

The links for the guidance video to each exercise are also listed below.

The Full Program of Exercises (A to D's) needs to be completed three times per week. Twice at training and one on own at home ! Please fill out the section of the Booklet provided after each session.

Knee Ability Zero, Step 1: Tibialis Raise

FHL Calf Raise

KOT Calf Raise

A1- tib raise 25 reps

A2- FHL calf raise 25 reps

A3- tib raise 25 reps

A4- kot calf raise 25 reps

Patrick Step

Modified Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Knees over toes Split Squats - Loaded Mobility

The Good Morning

B1- Patrick step- 25 left and right

B2- RDL 25 L and R

B3- ATG SS 25 L and R

B4 good morning 25 reps

How to Do Push Ups on a Bar

The Pike Push-Up Tutorial

Inverted Rows

How to dead hang

C1- press up 10x3

C2 inverted row 10x3

C3 pike press 10x3

C4 bar hang 60 sec x 3

Elephant Walk Step

Long Sitting Straight Leg Raise

How To Do A SUPERMAN LIFT | Exercise Demonstration Video and Guide

D1- elephant walks 60 reps

D2- L sit holds 60 secs L and R

D3- super man holds 10 breaths x 3

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