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Health and Wellbeing Information Evening

An information evening on Friday the 20th of March 2020, commencing at 8.30pm, has been organised under the auspices of the Club's Alcohol and Substance Abuse programme, the Club's Healthy Club project, and with a genuine concern for the Health and wellbeing of all our players.

The event is open to players, boys and girls, over the age of 15 years right up to and including our senior teams, and their parents.The event kicks off at 8.30pm sharp with a presentation given by Linda Lally from the Mayo/Sligo/Leitrim institute of further education dealing specifically with apprenticeships for boys and girls. We feel this is something of relevance for our young people leaving school and considering what career path to choose. After this we will have a presentation from An Garda Siochana concerning the misuse of Drugs (legal and illegal) in our community. Concern has been expressed of late about the increased use and supply of drugs and especially cocaine in the locality and, with this in mind, it is of the upmost importance that the Club is proactive and takes positive actions to address the crisis.

This is an information event for all our players over the age of 15 years and their parents and is being organised by the Club to address concerns which have been raised to us. This is a first step on a series of events which will help keep our members informed and ultimately safer.


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