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Coaching Seminar for ALL Club Coaches

Kilmeena GAA will host a coaching workshop by Paul Kilgannon of The CARVER Coaching Framework. The aim of the workshop will be to help the club ‘Build a Coaching World by creating a Learning Environment for the Player, Coach and Club’ and to enable coaches to ‘Be the best they can Be’

Paul is a Coach and Athlete Mentor, Author and Creator of The CARVER Coaching Framework which is used internationally across a number of sports and industries. He helps people build their ‘Coaching World’ and consults with Sporting Organisations and Clubs, as well as Corporate Entities in the area of creating Learning and Performance Environments. He has a particular interest in Youth Sports Coaching and has spent his adult life coaching across all age groups.

This will be a comprehensive, principled based workshop and is relevant to male and female coaches of all age groups, levels and codes within the club. The workshop will cover areas such as:

  • How a coach can develop a coaching philosophy and practice continuous improvement in their coaching.

  • How the coach can create a learning environment for their players.

  • How coaches can work together as part of an effective coaching team.

  • How the club can create structures which can cultivate the conditions for improved coaching practices across all age groups.

The workshop will take place on Wednesday evening, 18th January and will be approximately 2 hours in duration. Please keep this date free as attendance by all coaches is required.

You will find out more about Paul at and @carver_coaching on Twitter and Instagram


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