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Thank you to our Councillors

Kilmeena G.A.A. Club wishes to put it on record and express our sincere gratitude and thanks to two Councillors from the West Mayo Municipal District for allocating to us funding from their G.M.A. Fund.

Over the past two years the Club has received €10,000 from Councillor Brendan Mulroy and we obtained €5,500 from Councillor Christy Hyland. We, as a club, are indebited to both of these Councillors for their funding which is essential for the ongoing development at the Club. This money is being used in the continuing upgrading of the Club Facilities.

We thank both Councillors for their help over the past number of years and look forward to their continuing support. We wish both Councillors the best of luck in the forthcoming local election. Kilmeena G.A.A. Club.

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