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Important Notice

The new Gym at Kilmeena grounds is open and available for use.This facility is a huge addition to the Club and is a terrific facility for use by our Club Members. Club members are responsible for ensuring that this facility was provided and paid for. It is now important to inform the Club Membership that this facility is available to you, for your training requirements. It goes without saying that this facility is not available to anyone who is not a member and hasn't paid club membership.

From here on, anyone wishing to use the Gym:

  • Must sign in and sign out after their session in the log provided upstairs.

  • Team managers must ensure that they enter a note indicating what team had training, and the times in and out.

  • No one under 16 years of age is allowed use the facility without being supervised. This is to allow us comply with Health and Safety requirements and our insurance cover.

  • The Gym will be left neat and tidy when the session is finished. Rubbish must be collected and the weights, etc. returned to the racks/shelves.

John Reilly is the Club's strength and conditioning coach. Any Club member wishing to discuss a programme or work on an individual basis can do so but only after having discussed it with John. This is a strict requirement and must be adhered to. Failure to comply with these instructions will have consequences. Willie Keaveney


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