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Pat Mulchrone - International Debutant...

Representing your country in any capacity is a privilege and an honour most of us can only dream of. However, for Pat Mulchrone, a regular member of the Mayo Gaelic Masters (over 40) team, this dream has become a reality. He had the honour and privilege of representing his club and county on the recent Ireland International Rules Series squad that played against the visiting AFL Masters.

He was also selected to captain the Over-50s team for the first test match in Charlestown. This event was memorable for Pat, his family, and his friends, who supported him worldwide.

In the months leading up to the Aussies' visit, Pat and his teammates trained hard and prepared well for the tournament. Adjusting to the AFL compromise rules took some getting used to, but the Irish teams adapted well to the rule changes on the field, and they won comfortably against the Aussies in both test games.

Pat credits the tournament's success to the meticulous preparation for the visit of the AFL Masters by Gaelic Masters Association Chairman John Pat Sheridan and his backroom team. Organising the arrangements for three visiting Aussie teams—an Over-40s and 50s men's team and, for the first time, an over-40s ladies' team—was no small feat.

Well done, Pat Mulchrone. It was a fantastic and unique accomplishment for you and your family!

Leading the Ireland Gaelic Masters onto the field for the first Test match against the visiting AFL Masters team was an honour for Pat.


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