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Coaching Workshop - Thursday 4th April

The finalised Kilmeena GAA Club Purpose, Values and Visions will be presented for ratification and it will be explained and discussed in detail. 

The night will also include facilitation for each coaching team (from U 6’s upwards) in the creation of their own ‘Coaching Team Charter’ which is to be aligned to ‘The Kilmeena Coaching Way’. 

The purpose of this activity is to help coaches create clarity and alignment within their coaching teams and to ensure that each coaching team is feeding into the bigger picture. The vision is that as coaches and coaching teams we are rowing in the same direction with a sense of cohesion and purpose. 

Each coaching team will be facilitated to gain clarity on such areas as:

● What is success for our coaching team?

● What do we want to well as a coaching team?

● What are the roles and responisilties within our coaching team?

● What are the key skills and playing principles we want to focus on for the year ahead and how are we going to coach them?

In brief,

If we want to go fast, we should go alone… but if we want to far, we must go together.


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