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Kilmeena V Knockmore C/Ship Quarter Final Mayo Junior A Championship 2018-08-18

Kilmeena seniors travelled to Ballina on the 18th of August to play Knockmore in the quarter-finals of the Mayo Junior A championship. We were all anticipating a close encounter as Knockmore are going well in division 4, and it was close last year in our league game. The evening was fine, but we knew Ernesto was on the way. As the game started the rain arrived, but it did not influence the game too much although the ball and ground did become greasy. But to credit both teams the game ebbed and flowed with both sides creating chances. Within 5 minutes Keith Ruthledge had the ball in the net for Knockmore. It was a sign of things to come. This Knockmore score sparked Kilmeena into action. Kilmeena tagged on a few points, and Kevin Ryder went close with a goal chance before Paul Groden finished well to the net. Neil Ryan got a second goal and Kilmeena were in total control although Knockmore still looked dangerous.

Halftime score: Kilmeena 2 - 06 Knockmore 1 - 04. At this time it was lashing rain albeit without the promised hurricane. As the second half started, Kilmeena tagged on a few more points and looked as if they were headed for an easy win. But all of a sudden the tide turned. Knockmore scored a few points followed by a goal. Kilmeena looked as if they were in self-destruct mode once again. We could not seem to get out of our half of the field and all of a sudden the game was level. As the game went into injury time, Kilmeena went 2 points down. At this stage, Kilmeena used their get out of jail card and levelled with the last kick of the game. Knockmore were not too happy with the injury time played but taking 10 second-half substitutions and three pretty lengthy stoppages in the second half, 7 - 8 mins could not be considered to be excessive. Nobody was leaving the Stephanites Park as this epic encounter moved into extra time. The rain was still lashing down, and the daylight was at a premium. There was only one team in the game in extra time as the Kilmeena lads took complete control in both periods of added time, scoring 2 - 06 to 0 - 01 tells its own story. These Kilmeena lads knew they got out of Jail but also their will to win and never give up attitude is to be admired. Achill is next up in the County Semi-Final so your support would be appreciated by the management and team alike. KILMEENA ABU!

Match report by Darren Madden.

Final score; Kilmeena 4 - 18 2 - 13 Knockmore

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