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...and! 24 hours later - Cycle-A-Thon completed.

David is BACK for the final shift !!!!

Molly can't quite figure out what all the fuss is about - "this is easy..."

Damian may not make it to the finish -"Oh my goodness! I can't give in to the young lads now..."

Ben is relaxed - Dom out of the saddle, desperate to keep up.

Cheered on by the supporters - "keep it up guys - almost there"

'Almost there folks - one minute to go - 10, 9, 8...3, 2, 1 WELL DONE ALL"

Damian, Ben, Dominick, David and Molly close out the Cycle-A-Thon ...

"Thank God for that - now! will someone take me home and get my dinner...please"

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